Ultrasound-guided injection is more precise, less painful

A Yale Medical Group orthopaedic surgeon is the first doctor in the country to offer a new technique for the treatment of patients with bone, joint and tendon disease—an integrated ultrasound-guided way to inject medication to the exact site of pain.

Yale Medical Group orthopaedic surgeon John S. Reach, Jr, MSc, MD, who co-designed a special device that combines the ultrasound with the injection, says it allows him to pinpoint the exact location of the pain with exquisite precision. This increases the accuracy of treatment and allows him to use a more slender, less painful needle, making the process of getting a pain injection much more tolerable for patients.

He described the process for WTNH ABC News 8 at Yale Medical Group’s new Guilford Shoreline Orthopaedic Surgery Office.

Dr. Reach says the technique will improve treatment for many patients suffering from sports, arthritis, nerve and overuse injuries. It can even cure some patients by reducing inflammation to such a point that they can avoid surgery for their problem in the future, he adds.

This article was submitted by Mark Santore on December 16, 2013.

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